Following The Money Continues

For over three years the Money Connection has brought to you the reader our views on money issues and we have strived hard to keep this media source open for your advantage. As we move into the Year of the Pig it has become rather difficult to continue with this blog and video exhibits. Since the beginning of 2019 my partner and I have began some serious review and meditation as to the worth in continuing this venture. I myself has no reservations with moving on with this venture because I feel even though we don’t see the volume of readers or viewer that deserves to view what we are building we have something to say. The soap box may not have the audience but believing in what you are doing is most important.

So as I continue persevering with the Money Connection waiting on my partner to resume (which he may not be involved) each of you who are following us can be assured that this blog will continue and I will build the visual aid of Ted-Ed TV alone. I’m looking for someone else to assist and improve what we have started, and if not so be it.

Love You All The Audience

Our Staff

E. Bishop III

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