Our Health Care In Trouble??

The United States House of Representatives with just Republican votes passed a health care repeal draft plan that has disastrous implications. But, lets remember its only a draft that must be voted and passed on in the United States Senate, along with any reconcile, goes back for a vote in the U.S House then for another vote back in the U.S. Senate again.

They are killing 24 million at last count




Now why can’t Republicans just repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare on their own? One of several reasons is Senate mechanics. Obamacare created regulations on health care, requiring basic benefits and affordable policies for older and sicker customers, along with subsidies to make the plans affordable. In the Senate, a majority can pass a bill that only changes taxes and spending. Any bill that does anything beyond change taxes and spending is subject to a filibuster. The Republicans could eliminate the subsidies that make Obamacare’s coverage affordable without any Democratic votes, but writing a replacement plan would mean changing regulations on insurance, which means they need enough votes to break a Democratic filibuster.





All of those steps are racked with loopholes that a very savvy senator could possibly override. The one everlasting, redeeming solution that seals the end of this fiasco is votes. Does Majority Leader McConnell have the votes he needs for passing this repeal? We need three Republican senators no vote. Any three will do. Please remember that the overwhelming love of money got this bill through the House. Can money do the same thing in the senate??? How much money will it take to buy a senator?? For too many years to count our representatives have sold the American people out for a sum of money that makes them lose their souls. I hear you “That’s Illegal”, I know it’s illegal but lobbyist buy and pay for votes everyday. Washington D.C. is not the seat of governmental power it’s the place for buying and selling votes.


Save money for tax breaks by not covering the sick




Can our democratic representatives save the Health Care System they passed under tremendous pressure and lost of the majority in congress because the Republicans phrased a smart campaign to remove their majority. And, remember the democrats was complicit in their own destruction because of their lack of defending their base concerning the need for health care coverage. Now the masses are rising up to save what they originally allowed Republicans to denigrate.


E. Bishop Co-Editor for The Money Connection

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