Pastor Timms continues his series of visual blog posts for his active and thriving audience. Please enjoy and comment on what you feel and think about his body of work. Pastor Timms welcomes comments and ideas for improvement.


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  1. Enjoyed your blog and words of wisdom I needed to hear this miss hearing your preaching may God continue to bless you and the family love you all dearly you touched my heart as well as the song Love you Lord thank you for blessing me and my family keep covering us with the blood of Jesus

    1. Thanks joyce for your response. I’m the admin of this site & Pastor Timms I’m hoping will produce more of his blogs for viewers like you. In Christ with love

  2. Just keep them coming. Blessings and prayers that your blog will continue to encourage and give peace to all.
    Your Sid

    1. HI Bessie, this is Ed Bishop the admin of this site. Pastor Timms hasn’t produced anymore blogs for over a year now that I have available. Maybe you can encourage him to continue

      Thanks ed

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