Why is it important to have patience? Were we all born with such a trait? What causes impatience? Is anxiety a contributing factor?
Patience weather an inherited or learned skill, is often debatable. If you say, I am impatient” when did you discover that?

As a best practice, it is important to help the individual to understand how to create a substitution in place of the time being rushed. Such example would be while waiting at a Dr. Office use this as a time wisely to read a self help book that will positively impact you in developing your personal skills and take the space of occupying your time.

How many Times you find yourself waiting in line at a store, yet caught up with the anxiousness of wanted to hurry along the customers in front of you, just so you can go through the line as quickly as possible.

How about those times when you’re driving and find yourself impatiently scooting around the motorist in front of you to find you end up sitting right next to that person at the same traffic light? Does speeeding up cut your time any faster? Does checking out at the register allow you to advance to your next task any quicker? No. instead it may have positively impact your life by generating a unexpected blessing and avoid any unwanted incidents.

Impatience and intolerance can lead to to many dangerous thing. The instant gratification of NOW can often lead to inconsistent behavior patterns and repeat unwanted activities. It shows that, because of our constant urgency to accomplish everything now, that we loose site of the discipline of creating a sound consistent plan of action that will leads us into the right direction. So choose today to develop and maintain patience, you will be blessed in the process

Donna Sharpe

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