There are times we send out  prayer requests, with the expectancy of immediate results in return.  There are times we feel  our request are urgent and other times we are encouraged to obtain discipline to wait on a timely response.  One main thing to understand, is that there are no timetables attached to prayer.  Our desires along with timing, depends upon the Lord. 

Seamlessly interesting, when you rest upon Him while remaining still, you will discover a miraculous journey with the Lord.  He allows everything to strategically fall in place and line up better than you can every imagine, as long as, you are obedient and limit the amount of interference we have with His process.   This allow a better progression ahead which will enhance our journey.  How do you know it’s He (the Lord) who is involved? Or that He is the one who is speaking to you? By having a personal relationship with him, will create clarity which will allow your life to flow with ease, allowing everything to fall right in place with little effort.  It will be very difficult for you to understand your walk with him unless you have a personal one to one relationship with the Lord.  

To have have an exceptional prayer walk, it is recommended that we are  very consistent with our daily devotions.  Like anything else consistency and dedication while being in tuned will result in great rewards.  Be specific in request, if your generic with your request your results may be limited. Allow your communication to be vivid with him as though you are standing in front of your physical mom or dad while having a conversation.  Be very specific with your requests and you will soon see all the pieces of the puzzle joining together.   Please understand by no means is our journey a mistake, it was already or orchestrated with full intent.  We are just as the expression goes “walking it out” NOTHING is every a surprise for the Lord! 

My encouragement to you would be to pay close attention to the types of people that you are approached by, be Kean and listen attentively and be listening and become very observant of the situation around you,  These are clear signs that will pave the way through our path. 

The Lord wants the best for all of us, but before he pours into us,  He wants to know that we are grounded in His word. So, take inventory of your thought process and what realm your mind is currently in. Understand that although you are in control of your destiny, The Lord has the key to unlock the gate to your ultimate success.   

Be encouraged and know that the Lord has great Blessings for you this year!! Be engaged and in tuned. 

Donna Sharpe, Blog Author

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