How do we protect our college students and graduates??

Yesterday I read another article about the continued attack on our children who desire to further their education. Secretary DeVos has contracted one of her past companies to collect student debt. This contract is worth $100’s of million. Betsy and her other Republican cabinet members are not even hiding their contempt to fatten their pocketbooks gouging our venerable children who are making their lives better. A call to action needs to be made on their behave but what we are finding out now is that Trump and his administration has so many battleground fronts going at the same time the countries focus is in other seemingly more pressing causes.

Immigration has taken on a face all its own and the headlines are exploding, our children’s needs go to the back burner on national platforms. We cannot let our youth fail, being exploited by these pack of vultures whose only goal is taking from those who can least afford to pay. While they educate their children who graduate without any debt with employment waiting that gives them choices as to where or when they feel like working. Judy and Jodi can take a year-long trip around the world on Dad, then decide on employment at Daddy’s firm or with his friends like Betsy DeVos, they take care of their own. Our children need a safety net comparable to the 1 %, where or how that happens is a cause for concern and solution we must win. Our first goal is reducing that debt accumulation?? Congress has removed a valuable safety net passed many years ago by Congress to assist college grads from their debt by allowing them to volunteer or work off that debt in low poverty causes. This solution allowed them to make money and also reduce their debt obligation. But Congress removed this safety net due to the well-funded lobbyist from those debt collection agencies who befriended our representatives like Trump and Betsy DeVos. And, you can certainly believe that those devils are getting a return for their actions against our children.

Solutions still wait for children who fight alone in a system rigged to make them fail. Our family has taken to schooling our college students right now in finding ways to reduce the debt for attending institutions of higher learning. One keeping those grades up strive for Dean’s List each grading cycle. Higher achievements qualify you for more grants. Each day we read media associated with colleges, scanning them for financial aid funds that are available. When we find those funds each one is emailed to our college students. They understand very well that the first to the trough gets better feed. Most college financial aid offices don’t have time or resources for scavenging through all aid media we have so this is one solution for our readers and if you want your children to be on that list email us @

Thanks to each of you for being our devoted readers, 2018 is bringing on new challenges for all of us. And we are going to continue our crusade of informing our public.

E. Bishop III, Ted Ed Money Connection

“Following Money Issues For Our Readers”

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