The Face of Republican Evil: It’s not Donald Trump


The evil twins of the Republican Party politics that have invaded our democracy is well stated in an article by Salon writer Amanda Marcotte


When reading this linked article remember where the congress is at these days with legislation results??? Are they passing anything reasonable for the American people or the Lobbyist who pay richly for using our constitution to make their clients richer. Example: The past election of a U.S. Representative seat from the 6th District of Georgia, one of the richest election for a job that pays a little over a $100,000. Over $50 million was spent to win this seat. My answer to you is “follow the money”. Why would anyone pay that kind of money to win one seat?? In the US Congress of Representatives which is only one seat consisting of 417 other seats. So I ask you if anyone is willing to pay $50 million for one seat then add that figure 416 more times and you have the budget of several nations in Europe or Asia.


We started this blog to give our readers a view of how you can solve the problems of gaining an economic hold in today’s economy. You ask why speak of the evils of congress’s money grab and how does that concern your bottom line?? Any legislation passed in today’s congress and signed into law by the president will trickle down to the poorest of us. The health care act revision currently being legislated will greatly affect you. Not now but very soon.

E. Bishop III  The Money Connection

“Follow The Money People”

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