“Serving others is the very essence of ministry. All believers are called to ministry (Matthew 28:18-20), and, therefore, we are all called to be servants for the glory of God. Living is giving; all else is selfishness and boredom”.
“Being A servant to God is honorable” likewise serving others important because it shows that you set aside your own personal wants and gratifications to focus on the needs of others.  I often recognize an interesting things and that is how often individuals focus more on their own self than using their gifts and talents they have been blessed with to serve others.
Self absorption may lead to destruction and here’s why; Picture yourself driving down a long highway with alternative  routes along the way that will assist you to make your trip more complete.  However all that you are focusing  on was one straight pathway to your destination.
Along the way you’ve ignored the signals and bystandders, alternative routes, rest stops etc… Those signals that you have chosen to ignore in your peripheral vision, may be added features that can lead to enhancement of your trip.  Please keep in mind that being self contained keeps the blinders on and prevents you from observing the full  scope of of what life has to offer.  The very things you prayed for, you may miss out in because you chose to avoid these signals during your journey.  Try to Keep keen eye on your overall situation , because it may be that moment where you are needed to take actions towards something that may enhance your own life.
There are so many times individuals are in need whether they are simply facing a tough time our just need of a lending ear to assist them with sorting through an unexpected situation in their life. You may have the prior experience that will assist that person in properly handling that particular event and be just what that person needs at that appointed time.
So spend less time being less self contained and spend more time finding ways to open your heart to someone in need.  You will find that your own world will change for the best as a result of “serving” someone else through a time of great need.  Think of someone you can serve today and watch your own life evolve into something new.
Donna Sharpe

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