Smart office technology: What’s working, what’s failing, and what users want out of it

Smart office technology holds promises of improved collaboration, energy efficiency, safety, health, and more. But do these devices and apps measure up in reality?

Some of you maybe wondering why I posted this article, does it concern our community? Does it fit our lifestyle? We cannot afford this type of tech service. My business start-up requirements cannot afford to take in account these issues.

This futuristic tech is no longer ahead of us it is TODAY technology if you want to be successful financially, whether new start-ups, healthcare issues energy efficiency or safety in protecting your money, schools and our children. Smart technology has to be taken into account. And please don’t forget we are in a global economy and to function in this new economic world smart technology has to be taken seriously.

A informational survey was taken and contained the following questions: Smart Office implications should be replaced by smart home and environment:

  • What smart office technology are you currently using?
  • What effect do these products have on your work life?
  • Have you ever tried any smart office products that didn’t live up to your expectations?
  • Which products didn’t live up to your expectations and why?
  • What additional smart office products would you be interested in using?
  • What do you see as the primary benefit of adopting smart office technology?

The majority of respondents said they currently use at least one form of smart office tech, with videoconferencing being the most popular. However, a little more than one third of respondents said they’d tried one or more devices or apps that didn’t live up to their expectations. The time to get involved in the conversation is now where you can become a part of the solutions and have your needs being taken in the mix while developmental issues are being defined. Please don’t look at this issue as not being your concern, it concerns you and how we end up financially 20 years from now. This country is quickly becoming a two class system, either you’re rich or you’re poor. The Middle Class has and will soon to be non existent.

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