For every problem there IS a solution! The solution may not be what you want it to be, but is often what’s best for you. So let us begin by first understanding that we are all creatures of habit and not agents of change, We make decisions the best way we know how. Does it mean that it is right?
We place ourselves in a very comfortable state, put our blinders on, make excuses, as we pout and continue down the same beating path destined for misery. Once we’ve done so we then continue to seek the company to who will confirm our misery.
What is the definition of insanity? It is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. There are some of us Who are constantly seeking a solution and there are others that preferred to waller in the mess, because it’s easy and it feels good.
When opportunities present itself to us we become very uncomfortable as we fear any or all changes. Instead of giving the situation an open chance, we have already drawn our own conclusion of what we think would work the best for us. We create no expectation of welcoming any ideas or what might be a dynamic change.
So often we are granted opportunities to help us become better person. These moments are sometimes presented to us in a very subtle way and there are other times that it’s presented in a noticeable open forum. Because we become so set in our ways we completely miss an opportunity of a life time.
Where does it all begin? It is important that we first begin with proper mental preparation of our minds, bodies and spirits, for the answers that we desire to to take place. Let me remind you that the answer may not scream volumes to you, it may not be what you desire it to be, but it may be the very best solution for you!
Weigh the pros and cons and then determine how that solution could work best in your favor.

Donna Sharpe

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