We Have Been Bamboozled, HoodWinked and Literally Taken To The WoodShed

If there was ever a time when our politicians have slipped a royal wiener to the public, today was the biggest wiener. And, it looks like they will get away with it cleanly. Now, Democrats will put all the blame on the Republicans in congress for this sham of a tax cut but beware of the foxes who hid around the hen house. You see them but they don’t holler. Like the old saying “Hit dogs don’t holler”. Folks those democrats are just as palpable in this scam as the republicans, so don’t be fooled into believing they have our backs on this issue. Democrats will benefits just as much as the republicans when the dust settles on the pixel dust we see flying to earth that will cover the middle class and the poor, mind you, as we work our behinds off raising our families and watch the rich get richer and the middle class shrink into the poor classification.

Mark today as the beginning of a class struggle in this country that starts what will seem like the French Revolution by the lower class who were tired of being stepped on by the wealthy. Beware that this fight will not happen unless we somehow transform our efforts not only into election ballots but a major change to how we govern ourselves. Money has corrupted Washington DC so the help will not come from that bastion of greed but our local communities who will govern themselves. We must somehow take the power from politicians, move finances into our hands with something like blockchain technology where the controls lies in the transactor hands. This would be a totally revolutional change but the power slowly shifts into the hands of those who need and make their own deals.

E. Bishop III, The Money Connection.Com

“Following the Money For Our Community”

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