I can remember thirty years ago there were market analyses predicting a 20,000 dow jones and the business journalist and investors were thinking these people were out of their mind. Considering the Dow Jones at that time in October 19,1987 was only 1,738.

investments in a company is like children if you teach, spend time, and support them they will grow into good productive human beings. A corporation is almost the same way. You have to have a good C.E.O., satisfied employees, great board, and a good customer base.

The stock market is a game for the rich, risk takers, and gamblers. Almost seventy percent of trading is done what I call by automation programmed by computerized alter rhythms. The cliche is buy low sell high. However there are a few things the average investor have to look for regarding investing. Warren Buffett said find a company you like do your research and keep that stock for years and dollar cost average. In other words every month buy shares and build shares. Case in point when McDonald’s went IPO (initial public offerings) in 1965 if you would have purchase 100 shares at that time those shares today would be worth over eight million dollars and you would be receiving $60,000 a year in dividends.

The stock market today at this time is over 22,000 and why is that most financial analysis are saying, it’s because of low interest rates and qualitative easing. Another reason, in my opinion these multinational corporations are buying back their own stock.

This is what the naysayers are saying; We are just one headline away to start the stock market crash. Listen I hear and read the business market almost daily and this is my opinion. Watch the big institutions and officers when they start selling shares and taking profits that’s the time to convert investments into cash or assets.

The market will correct itself and thirty thousand will be around the corner. I’m just saying in my opinion. We live in a capitalist world follow the money.

Mr. Ted Harvey Sr. The Money Connection

“Follow The Money People”

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