When I speak to a number of people, they would always say Black people in this country are not a monolithic people. The definition of monolithic is a group or organization united, for difficult change. My definition of monolithic, means people of color don’t think alike.

After slavery ended and reconstruction began, Black America en masse moved with a mighty force and a unified mind to pursuit the so called American dream.

Back in the late eighteen hundreds and early nineteen hundreds most people of color in this country wanted their own business, a home with land, and education. They were skilled workers with many trades, and the few very smart intellectuals and leaders were called the talented “Ten”. Which was called the ten percent rule. They went on to universities and colleges. They were allow to get in colleges and became doctors, lawyers, engineers, accountants, and scientists i.e. (refer to) the list of first Black Americans.

For the first one hundred years a real moral struggle ensued and bearers all over the place despite the challenges made progress but many were left behind. The main thing was at one time because of segregation i.e. Jim Crow laws people of color mainly supported their own ethnic group’s business. Those overt actions built many well off Black Americans that provided products and services for their people.

During the first hundred years of post reconstruction 1865 – 1965 and into the early 70’s advocacy for civil rights, human rights, and women’s right laws changed America. America as a free world changed their open door policies in many ways causing the great migration from the South to the North. The search for jobs, education, and a better life became the norm.

In the last forty years we have simulated fairly well, spending billions of dollars that has propelled a thriving Black income creating prosperity for our corporations. Statistics tell us that every one hundred dollars spent two dollars stay in the Black community. A great example is; a family of four having gross income of $50,000 after deductions, federal and local taxes have a net worth of approximately $40,000 annually. With fixed and variable expenses deducted the same family of four’s disposable dollars are estimated to be $1100.00 a month. My question to you is where will they spend those disposable dollars, what would you do??

Mr. Ted Harvey Sr. Follow The Money Co-founder

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