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John McCain’s defiance

Our healthcare was saved last nite by a small group of Republican Senators (two women and one male) is this what our country has come down to, a one plurality vote, that saves the lives of so many of our citizens including family members. I cannot believe that those other republicans wanted us, the citizens in this country, that a healthcare bill for replacing our current healthcare, arbitrarily removing from 16 – 32 million common americans off health care was a good idea. Did they think we were fools or because this idea of repeal and replacing the Affordable Care Act had been a political battle cry for over 7 years would be enough to sell us this moron idea of repealing our current healthcare.

I like so many of my friends and associates like the idea of having our children on plans until they reach 26 years old, we like the idea of having free yearly health checkups, we like the idea of have no limit of health cost payouts, we like the idea of having no copay when seeing our doctor or healthcare provider. Our premium cost are high but sometimes paying this cost upfront and being able to go have costly treatment without fear of the billing make those high premium tolerable.

Each time I view the link video at the beginning of this article I see the disbelief of Senate Majority Leader who looks on with utter dismay at Senator McCain give the vote counter a thumbs down and walk off the senator floor, I feel the utmost joy and exhilaration in how in history there are times where someone always does what right for humanity. All through this process my faith that this would pass was my inner strength even when the days and night of horrible debates and secret negotiations would eventually bring forth clarity and solution.

Sometimes money cannot buy dignity and self respect. Let all of us breath deeply and gather more strength because the battle wages on, and only the strong will survive.

E. Bishop III, The Money Connection

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