Are you searching for love in all the wrong places? Are you seeking a partner but is not prepared for the journey.  Are you seeking out when in fact you have already made a commitment? Do you neglect your existing partner, that person who you vowed to love and adore for this day forward through the thick and the thin?
Do you wake up with such assurance that you feel your life does not have the potential to quickly take a turn for undesired results?  Or are you confident that you are doing the right things to net the proper results?
Unfortunately unwanted changes can take place before your very eyes, leaving you surprised, confused or numb.  In some cases you already have observed the writing on the wall.  You are granted wants you to use such a gift.  The Lord gives us each discernment to feel and understand, reason and understand what is happening around us.    Confidence is okay to a certain degree until it used to negatively impact another.   Unfortunately when you are not reciprocating what you  desire, the scale gets overloaded on one side.  This scale evokes an unbalanced side leaving more weight visualized on the one side.
The four letter word LOVE should never be taken for granted.  Casually use the Of the word “LOVE”leads to a less valued relationship.  The word LOVE must be accompanied by unpresentdented actions. Any other unwanted actions leads to the other person who is left feeling as though there feelings were completely dismissed.  This kind of act may sometimes be viewed as non-intentional but please understand before you take on this task, be sure that you are prepared to handle that responsibility and know the journey that lies ahead of you both.   This my friend is a big commitment but is not impossible as long as you begin your travels by understanding how to first Love yourself before taking on a brand new love which in term leads to you loving someone else.
Tell and show someone you love them today.

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