Mr. Harvey Sr. and I had an idea to start a blog that give our audience (You) some of our insight in how money connects, controls and ingrains its head in everyday lives of our community. So we have passed a year’s milestone but wanted to find out if our endeavor has enriched your knowledge of following the money. We ask those who read our blog, facebook, website, twitter and instagram accounts to send us feedback through those mechanisms encompassed in each aforementioned social and media accounts associated with “The Money Connection”.

Now new topic for your review: I read voraciously each morning with my daily habitual cup of coffee, like some of my other semi-retired friends and acquaintances. Today I pulled several items into my reader log that gave me serious pause.


One of the articles was about Our Past First Lady, Michelle Obama. Our community, this country and the world will never have a first lady like Michelle Robinson-Obama. (Notice the hyphenated name) Michelle was invited to be a keynote speaker in a woman’s conference held in Denver, Colorado. Her main topic of discussion was the ugliness of how she was treated as first lady by some of this country’s populace. Calling her in particular “Monkey”, mannish, unattractive, emasculating. Those were words meant to hurt and defame her character. Words by those that in the past was used to emasculate black women and others of color. Michelle never in public let them see, her sweat as the saying goes, but on that day at this women’s conference she let her inner most feelings be known, (it did hurt her deeply) but she never let go of her dignity and respect for the office of Flotus(First Lady Of The United States). Michelle and Barack Obama will go down in history as the best team of coupled World Leaders this country and world will ever know and we her community needs to shout this from the roof top because if we don’t then history will not reflect this “Known History Of Fact” being written in our lifetime.

My family, all of my family on both sides are tremendously proud of how they conducted themselves in the White House these past eight years, bringing back the respect and power that’s due, upheld by our past leaders of the free world represented by the white house, that was built by black hands as a symbol of freedom for the world to behold. And now today that buffoon who now occupies their old resident defames it by calling our white house a “Dump”. That’s right your President Trump did and interview during which he called the white house a dump!!

Well, anyway it’s not about money but I was truly embarrassed by the article then hearing Trump defame their old home where children were raised to respect the power, dignity and force living in the opulence this country loves is just…. You understand……

Thanks for reading

E. Bishop III, The Money Connection

“Follow The Money People”

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