Vulture capitalism is everywhere, it’s in corporations, government, and sports. Vulture Capitalism Ate Your Twinkies, in an article by John Nichols from “how a private equity company wrecked the union” their company Hostess Brands Inc. tried to discredit 5600 workers. The union didn’t ask for more pay, more benefits, nor better pensions, but Bain Capital purchased Hostess, put it into debt to the tune of (one billion dollars), raised executives salaries well over (200%) while laying off workers & drained all the profits from Hostess. This is one example of how these Vulture capitalists operate.

I can probably give you a hundred examples of predators(vulture capitalist) out to destroy millions of people lives for that almighty dollar. Most of you already know about the mortgage lending game, how these companies take thousands of homes from everyday people. This was done using banks that sold off home loans to wall street and wall street selling them to Vulture capitalist. They have now moved to the education systems where middle class and working people are trying to obtain an education and have to borrow thousands of dollars getting a college degree. Combined student loans made by parents and college students are over a trillion dollars. Vulture capitalist are coming after these loans with a vengeance. In fact according to Jim Hightower from in his article Vulture capitalist are draining us dry: Why consumer debt buying is on the rise Hightower says that companies like Encore Capital and Sherman Financial file thousands of lawsuits on these recipients, but thank goodness for New York Attorney General who has gone after these companies because most of these lawsuits have various inaccuracy in the financial data information pertaining to these loans. While it’s costing the taxpayer i.e. using the justice system and families hiring lawyers to defend themselves against millions of dollars in obligations.

The world of pure capitalist dream of privatizing everything and make profiting off the results. Classic example is the Pentagon, the military outsource almost everything. The top ten major manufacturing companies receive contracts for almost fifty percent of the Pentagon budget. Companies like Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and General Dynamics, just to name a few, most of us have all read or heard about the six hundred dollar hammer or the twelve hundred dollar toilet. We all laugh and shake our head but over the years government watchdogs have tracked these wasteful excess again perpetrated by Vulture capitalist against the Pentagon which so far has exceeded six trillion dollars.

We just saw a two or three man construction company received a 300 million dollar contract for the Hurricane related repairs in Puerto Rico another firm tied to Vulture capitalism or Crony Capitalism. Help me understand, in my way of thinking out the box, it’s both. Now there is a big call for investigation only time will tell.

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