Creating Billions For American Companies

Whose creating the billions that have been accumulated over the years by american companies?? American workers of course, they are the engines that drive profits because of their commitment to producing products at low cost and improving efficiency during the process. From the automotive industry, pharmaceutical industry and service sector their wouldn’t be wall street profits unless each of those industry workers who rise each day go to those plants or retail complexes performing their duties with pride and commitment to make their employer successful.

But, what is given by them has no reward in the end for those who toil in the lower portions of industry. Worker wages, which has for many years been in decline, they are not increased because the CEO’s only concern is to the Money Barons whose only concern or driving force is increasing profits at all cost. Their bottom line which adds billions in profit and screw the ones who give the real wealth to their families and corporate buddy’s. As we have seen after the enactment of the Tax Cut for American passed by a Republican congress last year. All those tax breaks didn’t come back to the Middle class workers it went to buying luxury toys for executive and CEO’s of the top 500 companies who benefited the most.

Workers must unite and take some control of their own destiny by forcing these companies to give them some of the spoils, the scraps off the table, and not be afraid to lose wages in this process. Last year teacher’s union members in Red States across the country, stroke for better wages and a decent working environment for class rooms where the students suffered along with the teachers. Because they united in solidarity results were won for them, even though most lost some wages and most couldn’t afford losing a penny of wages. But, their end result brought state legislatures to the bargaining table. Corporate executives can also be brought to the table but some pain must be felt by those who place their lives and livelihood on the chopping block. Our president during the past shutdown was brought to his senses by pressure from his own party officials when the lives of not only citizens but his corporate friends was placed in jeopardy because it became unsafe to fly those friendly skies.

For those independent entrepreneurs your success follows the money and the solution to how each of you progress can be defined in understanding where your place in this society resides. As my mother and father would explain to us during our formative years “You will never get rich working for someone else”. Make your own path, and in today’s economy those words are never more relevant. Jobs are being transported overseas for lower wage employees who are more than willing to work for pennies on the dollar. So, your solution is right there in front of you, create your own company, employ your own people and control your destiny. In this process it will take some fortunate breaks and investors who are confident that your efforts will bring

success. Nothing beats hard work and innovative ideas because following others path can lead to duplicate results and not a very profitable outcome. Those successful entrepreneurs didn’t make a success of their companies by follow the competition they developed the path, walked the unknown with confidence and many times made their own breaks.

Now if the above path to making riches is not for you then find other methods of using your knowledge to make your company or corporation a success. You union execs bargain for your constituents having a visions based on benefits for your company as well as the members whom you represent. For their benefit as well as the companies that pay your wages is how working as a unit make all share in the profits.

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