Best Air Travel Methods

Air traveling in 2018 and finding the best prices will be a tricky effort. The two major airlines here in the US (United and Delta) are competing with low cost airlines now in all routes around the country including overseas. For 2018 decisions as to fly or drive will be the difference between paying $400 – $500 to fly or drive, fight traffic fuel cost and other travel fees. But if you become a smart travel person you can find many deals for domestic and overseas air travel. Many discount airlines have entered the mix for your travel needs and if you are willing to accept some discomforts for vacation and business travel you can reduce out of pocket payouts for moving around the country.

There are several sites that can be accessed using phone apps, now I’m not advocating any particular app but if you do minor searches on Apple Play or Google Play stores there are several options to choose. Always read the small print when ordering these tickets because even though the upfront ticket cost seems reasonable those hidden fees will kill you. Some airlines charge you for almost all of their basic amenities including carry on baggage. Now vehicle travel will be very hectic this summer because we are expecting another heavy summer traveling season with fuel cost on the rise. You are advised to register early for hotel/motel stays and any other amusement parks you plan on visiting. Check package deals very carefully for any extra cost associated with gathering tickets at those amusement parks that are familiar travel places in Florida or California.

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