Are you living life to its fullest?  Are you feeling bogged down from life daily stress?  Do you allow your situations to determine what type of day you will have.  I am here to encourage you to begin training  your mind to shift your mind to a lighter load.  Learn to  operate with less.  I am sure you have heard the saying “Rome was not built in a day”  Live life with peace and Joy in your heart for both yourself and others, find quiet time for yourself daily,  deviate from your daily routine by adding a little spontaneity.
Baggage often accumulate from previous experiences in life, some of them may involve a past relationship,  a death in the family,  loss or change of jobs or simply not having a sound vision that guides down the right path. When you take the time make the right choice, to live the life as it was intended to be and you will relieve yourself of many unwanted baggages. Learn how to forgive for yourself and others and you will find that the load becomes more manageable.
With little you can accomplish much!  Try to process less with your mind and leave room for appreciating the abundance true essence.  Allow your mind to wake up with an abundance of love and joy with the expectation of experiencing an amazing life.  Live free as the breeze, love and laugh let go of those unwanted hurdles, relieve yourself of undesirable emotional pain and begin living life the way it was intended to be.
Donna Sharpe

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