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Each new year brings about changes and advanced explorations into technology that advances each generation. As this 2018 starts many of those advances are overlooked by our community. We have and still are not preparing for this new economic environment. Some of the reasons or excuses that I hear could be justified but “cannot” shouldn’t be in that mix. From our foreparents to the near past those obstacles have been there but we continue on, because perseverance and a drive for a better tomorrow moves us forward.

Blogging For Our Community


I woke this morning with that drive and perseverance to continue blogging for our community giving solutions and questioning WHY, WHEN & WHERE can each of us survive and become secure, while building our family, friends and associates into stronger neighborhoods, towns and villages. Our middle class that expanded after World War II is shrinking rapidly. That expanded middle class gave my parents and each of my friends, classmates and associates hope for a better tomorrow. Today, that middle class to which I was reared is vanishing before our eyes. The gap between rich and poor is moving further apart and that middle group becomes smaller. This reality was never more placed in display than last month 2017 when our federal government passed a huge tax break benefiting a handful of super rich individuals and corporation while placing a mammoth tax burden on those of us left in the country who still believe in our democracy.

Those of us who vote these individuals our federal representatives into office didn’t even care that this legislation was going to cause us such extreme hardship, polls conducted showed their effort was enormously unpopular with all their constituents but they moved on with this bill passing it bits and pieces under the clout of darkness. Knowing full well that balance of power in our seat of power (Washington D.C.) would certainly be in jeopardy this knowledge never slowed them from completing this task. Now as the bill is showing its ugly head causing financial hardship even to those who are well healed and can afford to financially withstand additional outlay from their paychecks we will just view how the anger transpires at polling places within those district who so cold heartedly move the legislation across the goal. The real effects of this bill will be felt for many years down the road and further hardship is coming because entitlements are next on the agenda. The fight continues!!!

The poor and underserved will now have their safety net completely destroyed, undercutting the least of these who can ill afford being burdened further. Our children and elder population get ready for war because they will be under attack. The cost of living for that group will bring about choices of eating or shelter, clothing or shoes, health or medicine and basic needs.

E. Bishop III, The Money Connection.Com

“Following The Money For Our Community”

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