When I asked my wife would she marry me in 1973 a discussion about money ensued. I told her that if we can make a combine salary of $1600.00 a month, I think we will be living pretty good. Little did I know that in 1974 when we got married the average yearly household income than was $9,990.00 dollars. If you adjusted inflation dollars that would be equivalent to $48,497.00 today’s money value.

The culture of money is a serious thing these days. You’ve heard the song I’ve got money on my mind and my money on my mind. We live in an ever increasing stage of pursuing money. We wake up thinking I’ve got to make that money, and off to that job or your business to make that almighty dollar. I looked..up the word culture and their were a lot definition of the word, but here’s one that I liked, culture as a noun a particular form or stage of civilization as that of a certain nation or period.

Folks we are in a form, stage and period that money is almost everything.The Bible tells us that money answers all things; But it also tells us that the love of money is the root of all evil. The pursuit of money can make you sick, destroy your family, and put you in jail. But it can also help you get that dream house, car, and take that trip to your special place you always wanted to go.

Well in this day and age you really can’t live in today’s standards because prices are so A.B.C. What do I mean by A.B.C. the corporate world has figure this thing out years ago. And money is the driving force to get yours. (A) stands for the high end your money and credit is almost unlimited for what you want to buy. (B) stands for the middle, nice but not as nice as the high end and (C) stands for the low end meaning it will do and you will probably complaint or return the product.

Your decision will be all based on your annual salary or how much funds did you save for the item, but wait a minute you remember over forty year ago if you made $10,000 dollars you’re spending power was equivalent to almost fifty thousand. These financial analytical gurus are telling families that if you are making $50k to 70k you’re middle class. Well I am telling you you’re not middle class, because your spending power is much less. The real middle class today is $150k to $250k. While the so call working class people are marching for $15.00 a hour and you’re twenty an hour and some overtime might take you to fifty thousand looks pretty minuscule these days.

You might be saying Brother Harvey what are you saying, if you are not making in the vicinity of fifty to one hundred dollars an hour you losing the game. Because prices will continue to go up and your savings, investments, and retirement will only sustain you for a few years.

FYI in the coming months or years money won’t be as we know it. The government is planning something they call Fed Coins that work similar to bitcoins the difference is these fed coins can be electronically tracked. That means the government can track your every dime from your bank account. The next bright idea is a chip in your hand that would have data on all your medical and financial records. The reason this is happening is because the dollar since 1913 the federal reserve has control the money flow and we left the gold standard in the nineteen seventies. Every year we lose 10 trillion to foreign companies exporting cash leaving this country. What that means is companies like foreign car makers, steel companies, and oil has drain trillions from the American citizens. We are almost a 20 trillion dollar economy that should be more than 30 trillion.

My question to you is how will you and your family beat inflation and income suppression.


Bro. Ted Harvey Sr.  The Money Connection.Com

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