Who’s Fault Is It Anyway

Often times we find a ourselves faced with unwanted results for a situation we could have controlled.  It seems so clear to me that there are various situations that can have the most welcomed results, but they often end in unwanted results.  Why can’t individuals just do the right thing? Is it so far beneath us to take the upper hand and diminish our pride to take responsibility for our own actions?

As I review various situations either family related, relationship, governmental, food and health industry, etc… it’s seems to me if all the correct decisions are made so many downfalls can be avoided.  However, material things, greed, selfishness and idiology disrupts our focus on what should and can take place. Individuals most often operated on a me mentality vs. what can we do to operate with integrity to gain a more desirable outcome.

When things go wrong, we  never take the time to first disect each situation, that would allow us to to make better choices  for a more desirable outcome.  Instead we point the finger and concern ourselves with “who’s fault is it anyway”.  By this point fault finding is not the concern but trying to determine how to rectify the situation immediately using sound biblical principles to avoid making the same mistakes again.

Sometimes we simply have to place self aside and be selfless,  to visualize the situation for what it is.  Passing blame will only keep us stagnant and will not leave room for bigger, better and more exciting opportunities.  So today if you find yourself pointing the finger, expand that energy into the right direction, and identify how you can make the situation much better.  You will find that your heart will be more settled as you make take ownership for each situations by removing your emotions and doing what’s right.

PROVERBS 11:12-13 States:

12 People without good sense find fault with their neighbors, but those with understanding keep quiet. 13 Gossips can’t keep secrets, but a trustworthy person can.


By   Donna Sharpe

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