You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

You don’t know what you don’t know, I heard Oprah Winfrey say that a few years ago and I kind of knew what she mend. I know a lot things but their are many things I just don’t know. There is one thing I do know is numbers and numbers tell a story. I’ve always been interested in the federal budget, the deficit, and analysing profit and loss of corporations. The thing that has been intriguing me lately is many faces of capitalism. It has taken over almost everything for control and profit.

Here’s the deal, there is a term that I call a Mathematics analytical analytics it’s a formula that uses skill and the ability to visualize articulate, conceptualize and solve both complex and complicated problems, by making decisions that are sensible given the available data while using mathematical analytics.


Mathematics analytical analytics is a method that is currently being used by major corporations, sport teams, and governments. What they do is gather all the data past history and presence and even project the future. These analyst look at every piece of information right down smallest detail. A classic example using a individual they can analysis baseball, basketball or football players. The analyst would research a past proto type build from head to toe. The analyst would include mental psychological evaluation to improve their conscious, unconscious, and subconscious. These organizations can program your mind and literally make you believe and feel extremely special and part of the team, in other words you are not you, your identification is the company or organization.

We live in an information age not an industrialization age technology has advanced as it is today in a word they can pie chart almost everything. Corporations are the best, they’ve been doing these projection for decades. When a corporation wants to lay off ten thousands employees they have already crunch the numbers. They already know the impact on wall street, the market, and their employees. When a corporation makes a decision on merging or create another corporation outside their product or service they’ve already done the numbers and have their public relation, marketing and advertising in place.

“The US government and specifically the Department of Defense is one of the greatest drivers of scientific innovation in America if not the world.

Recent and popular technology advances include the Internet, GPS, microchip storage, and barcodes. Most of these inventions, especially the technical ones, were used in the military long before they were available to the public.

These were released because their civilian value became very great and probably because other countries began catching up. It is my assumption that certain techs that are more military focused are still highly classified.” Shangda Xu (Stay Woke)

Ted Harvey is a writer independent critical thinker: next article Money Capitalism Banking life blood of capital

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