People are really unhappy with their tax refunds this year

“Well Trump and those robber barons are enjoying their freebies. Laughing in the face of us all. Enjoy Boys”

I just got back from my tax accountant. All I can say is you phucked us bad. On the same income as 2017 I went from getting a ~$6,000 refund for both state and federal to owing ~$2,000 total. I will not vote for you again. Your tax changes SUCK!

Not only am I NOT getting a #refund I now OWE 6000 MORE. Middle class tax cut my Ass

Thanks @realDonaldTrump for my shitty tax refund this year. 2k less than last year. I make 68k a year. I’m glad your rich friends get all the money I could have used.

Wait, what happened? My tax refund is half of last year. I thought we were all going to get an additional $4k. LIES! Has anyone seen any improvement?

Despite my income and withholding staying the same, my refund decreased by about 66%. Who gained from the deficit exploding tax cut? Not the middle class!

Ouch, I knew my tax refund wouldn’t be so good after our new excitingly great tax breaks ough. Lowest refund in decades, grrr. All my contributions to NPOs like ACLU and SPLC were not deductible (stdrd deduction). It’s almost like Trump planned it that way.

Are you also feeling this new tax system that our beloved president and Republican cohorts forced on the masses in the name of our middle class. All I see are millionaires and billionaires buy planes, expensive yachts and great homes all over the planet. As we suffer through the greatest hoax placed on this nations since the 08 crisis.

Please comment on your tax refund so other can see the hoax being betraided on hard working people who look forward for our yearly refund to pay bills and feel whole if only for a few days.

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