The Gift “Voice”


The ability to speak is something that most of us take for granted. Yet the ability to speak is a precious gift.  As I watch my six-year-old hearing impaired granddaughter struggle to understand sound in the world around her so that she can transform that sound into spoken word, I realize that a voice should never be taken for granted, never be suppressed by fear, and never be given away to another individual. I was saddened by the comments of one of my granddaughter’s teachers who indicated that her greatest concern for my granddaughter, Lyric, was that people would not realize how intelligent she is because of her inability to express herself verbally. On this issue, my confidence is in the One who can do anything but fail. No-one is given a name like Lyric at birth and not be given the ability to bring forth her own special melody for all of the world to hear! Not only will Lyric speak well, but she will also sing the lyrics that have been placed in her spirit! The awesome thing for Lyric will be the appreciation that comes with knowing that the music came from God through perseverance.


Dr. Laverne Jackson

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