Be true to yourself, who are you trying to fool? You live life every day walking around with a mask pretending to be someone that you’re not. Trying your very best to squeeze into those crowds of such tight spaces trying to catch your breath. What it all amounts to is sharing your true self with others the way God intended you to be. Walking around with a beautiful exterior is like a beautifully ripened seasoned fruit with mold on the inside. Eventually the ROT on the inside extracts itself to the surface leaving the fruit in an undesirable and weak stage.

Take a few moments now to reflect on your true feelings, your unweighted responses to others if any at all, your reactions to others, your patience, or tolerance of stress and most of all, how well you communicate those generic feelings to your very own family and friends in close proximity. It only holds substance when you can be a sincere and trustworthy person with love exuding naturally both inside out and outside in. May the Gods peace and Blessings continue to be with your! Donna

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