HealthCare.Gov Being Dismantled In BattleGround State

Trump just ended in Georgia “The idea to protect people’s health care and then take it away in the mist of an election has the gall of many monkeys. Why would the Trump Admin do this when a critical election is still in doubt is beyond me. If voters in Georgia still see the […]

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End Of Life Challenges

Should be easy for people to receive end-of-life care at home. Why is it so hard? “This subject is very close to my heart since the beginning of this year when my sibling was placed into home care and passed in March. The eventual culmination of her life was very traumatic to the family but […]

Toxic Superfund Sites Abandon By White House

In Newark, N.J., a toxic Superfund site faces growing climate threats One environmental advocate warns of a potential disaster: “With Superfund sites and climate change, we’re playing Russian roulette with a loaded gun.” In 1983 — 14 years after the plant closed — the community compelled state and federal investigators to order samples from the […]

Story Of Unequal Recovery Pt 2

Two Cleveland Houses Tell a Story of America’s Unequal Recovery Pt II We continue with the Tale of Two Cities within a city moving to the subject of successful recovery normally for those who are considered upper middle class. Zach Germaniuk, a housing lawyer at a nonprofit in Slavic Village, a neighborhood near Mount Pleasant, […]

Story Of Unequal Recovery

Two Cleveland Houses Tell a Story of America’s Unequal Recovery 11410 Clarebird Ave. From the outside, 11410 Clarebird Ave. looks like many homes in Cleveland’s Mount Pleasant neighborhood. The fading yellow siding and creaky front porch point to mild neglect. The grass in the front yard needs a trim. But on a street of aging, […]

Resident Empowerment In Chicago

A Push To Empower Residents By Turning Renters Into Homeowners Englewood community leader Asiaha Butler is adding a strategy to her community revitalization work: real estate development. Butler, founder of Residents Association of Greater Englewood, known as R.A.G.E., and Deon Lucas, the architect behind E.G. Woode, founded the Englewood Development Group and bought their first […]

Family Caregivers

Three Common Scares For Family Caregivers And How To Avoid Them It is normal for family caregivers to worry about their loved ones on a day-to-day basis. The threat of accidents or sudden health problems are common worries. But there are other scares that caregivers deal with that are not so sudden and can escalate […]

Sonara Desert A Graveyard Pt 3

The Sonoran Desert Turned Into a Graveyard for Migrants “Desperate people will try anything to remove the fear and bad conditions that prevail in their lives. They also sometimes miss all the dangers that sits before them without making exceptions to conquer those dangers. What was before is probably not the same today. Climate and […]

Sonora Desert A Graveyard Pt 2

The Sonoran Desert Turned Into a Graveyard for Migrants “Roberto makes a dangerous decision to migrate to the US and then have his girlfriend to follow with their expectant child” It a decision that will haunt this family and girlfriend because his father made the trip many years ago, Roberto finds conditions have changed and […]

Sonora Desert Migrant Graveyard

How U.S. Policy Turned the Sonoran Desert Into a Graveyard for Migrants The Sonoran Desert in Arizona, where slightly less than half of all migrant deaths occur, trying to make their way to the United States. The United States border patrol agent found the body, a man’s, on the southern slope of a hill about […]