Betsy DeVos’s Attack On Higher Education 2017 Style

As most of are reaching our later years we pride ourselves in our children and grandchildren who enter into their college days of higher education. Cost for them getting into college today is higher than it’s ever been but we are bearing the cost. Hidden in the cracks of higher education especially for HBCU institutions is the devil’s servant by the name of Betsy DeVos(Secretary of Education). Using her powers and influence as head of our countries education system, she preys on our children with a vengeance. Using her significant influence, she and her affluent friends have captured, college funding and are raping our youth to the tune of over $1 trillion in debt(and counting) while also saddling them with the highest interest rates possible when repaying these funds. Our first thought when she was going through confirmation was her philosophy in K-12 elementary and secondary education but:


The big surprise at the end of 2017 is that U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has been arguably worse for higher education than she has been for K-12, which is not what most experts predicted when she took the job.

While protesters have dogged DeVos across the country to attack her support of “school choice” and call her out for neglecting the civil rights of K-12 students, she has been far more effective at gutting regulations protecting the rights of college students and college student loan borrowers.

Although Congress has generally not been receptive to DeVos’s proposal for a nationwide school voucher program for K-12, and there are few signs of her building strong relationships with governors or state education leaders, she and her department seem to be working in lock-step with Beltway Republicans who favor the college loan and for-profit college industries. And she and her boss President Trump have stocked her department with operatives from the-profit college industry.

Her success at advancing the interests of big money and corruption in higher education was most recently made apparent when she announced that her department would provide only partial payments to some of the nearly 100,000 students who say they’ve been defrauded by scam for-profit colleges and universities. Of the 20,000 student claims her department is processing, only 12,900 students are getting partial approvals and 8,600 are being turned away altogether.

Further, DeVos is introducing what she calls an “improved process” that rewrites the rules on student loans in a way that favors scam schools over student borrowers in any future resolutions over college loans connected to fraudulent schools.

These developments would seem to indicate that DeVos is much less a zealous advocate for a cause she personally espouses than she is a surrogate for the Republican party and its donors and lobbyists.

We will Continue Soon: Thanks to reporting by various other media outlets; Center for American Progress, OurFuture News, Business Insiders and others….

E. Bishop III, The Money Connection.Com

“Following The Money And Our Children”

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