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Byron Still Fighting

Ole Byron Allen Is Still At It “ Byron Allen Vs Comcast legal fight is still brewing after we and most of our black leaders thought to belittle the Man when he supposedly lost the US Supreme Court case where his legal team used a little known legal ruling from the Civil War aftermath that […]

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Georgia’s Kemp Governing In A Panademic

Georgia’s Experiment in Human Sacrifice At first, Derek Canavaggio thought he would be able to ride out the coronavirus pandemic at home until things were safe. As a bar manager at the Globe in Athens, Georgia, Canavaggio hasn’t been allowed to work for weeks. Local officials in Athens issued Georgia’s first local shelter-in-place order on […]

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Carl Icahn Gamble To Fail Is Paying

Carl Icahn is Betting Against Another Mall To Fail Corporate Raiders the likes of Icahn will make money off anyones misery. His heart is like all those on Wall Street “Damn The Bodies, Make Money”. When is there enough money for any one individual or family?? Bezo, the richest man in the world has so […]

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Another Credit Default Swap

‘The big mall short’: Icahn scores $1.8b betting against shopping centers Star investor and corporate raider Carl Icahn’s bet on the downfall of brick-and-mortar retailers produced a $US1.3 billion ($1.82 billion) gain during the first half of the year as they struggled in the coronavirus pandemic. The profit came from a short position on [bet […]

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Pandemic Recession Is Here People

The Pandemic Recession Is Approaching a Dire Turning Point This much-needed support was working. “By and large, the CARES Act, between the [$1,200] economic-impact payments and the unemployment [supplement], in particular at the family level, did a lot of heavy lifting toward keeping material hardship and poverty at bay,” Beth Mattingly, an assistant vice president […]

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Rural America 2020 Pt 2

Rural America Fortunes Tied To 2020 Fate Pt 2 “This week we watch the DNC Nomination convention for Biden/Harris but their fortunes are being based on a large swarth who placed their lives and fortune on a supposedly business man whom they elected into the white house in 2016. The ultimate success of this convention […]

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Rural America May Decide 2020

How Suffering Rural Farmers May Determine 2020 Election “One of the lesser known battleground states is Wisconsin, a midwestern diverse state who went to Trump in the 2016 election disaster for Hillary Clinton by less than 20,000 votes. Many pollsters have numerous predictions as to why? But, those who are close to Wisconsin politics know […]

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Pandemic Trouble For College Towns

College Towns That Are Most Vulnerable During the Pandemic Though efforts to slow the spread of the coronavirus across the U.S. have squeezed many local economies and the bank accounts of their residents, college towns are among the most vulnerable. They are confronting potentially major losses in population and revenue if students do not return […]

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Populations Shrinking

Midwestern cities continue to lose population. Two of the fastest-shrinking are in Illinois Two Illinois cities, Rockford and Decatur, are among the fastest-shrinking cities in the country, according to U.S. Census Bureau population estimates, part of an ongoing trend of Midwestern cities losing residents while cities across the Southwest and West continue to grow. Decatur, […]

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Undocumented Valuable To Central Valley

California’s undocumented food workers face grim dilemma: health or wages “People are scared to go to the doctor. They’re scared to go to the clinic,” said the executive director of a farmworker nonprofit group Xiomara Valderrama usually spends her days picking grapes in California’s Central Valley, where one-quarter of the U.S. food supply is produced. […]