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Congratulations to our team for coming together this past year making The Money Connection what it is today. To be honest I didn’t think on March 2016 that an idea coming from years of talk with my best friend in this venture(Mr. Ted Harvey Sr.) that we would still have a voice that communicates to our readers about following the money, today one year later.

Speaking of:

MONEY: It’s in the fabric of our community today and started for us centuries ago from the slave trade.  Our or at least my history books give credence of the love for money by British traders who started the triangle trade Slaves – Rum – Cotton. The cotton was needed for clothing produce for Englanders. To get the money for trade their first mission was to the west coast of Africa where they purchased our ancestors from our own tribesmen. They were more than pleased to start the enslavement process, to which they have regrets today. The castles on Western Coast cities of Africa was our gateway of no return. Those same castles exist today as tourist attractions for moneyed tours by those who are fortunate ones. It is a deeply troubling experience that hurts your soul from within knowing that your fore parents endured the entire ordeal. Even after enduring months in a dark hole they passed through the GATE OF NO RETURN to further endure unspeakable ocean passage under conditions that many today couldn’t fathom. As the ships sailed to the new world with precious cargo aboard for sale, predators of the deep sea followed knowing a feast would come from the bodies through overboard.

Lord help us as stacked bodies like cord word lie chained to the ships lower decks laid in intolerable filth of their own excrement with disease and death all around only to be sold on auction blocks devoid of any humility like so many animals that were breed, beaten and labored for the masters pleasure. Revenue from the auctions move on into the triangle of trade.

Triangle trade


It’s Horrible viewing this but our fore-parents were brought here in unbearable conditions



The above illustration depicts a version of the trade but money was the ultimate factor for our being today’s “African Americans”. I brought this relationship forth to show that over 300 years have past since the start of our being traded for money and as you glare at the slave ship I hope you get the same feeling that I am from today’s holding of slaves in our prison system that are currently still housing us for money.

This month our first anniversary I wanted to show why we are so committed to bringing the truth by following the money. Our great grandparents after being sort of released from slavery, after the Civil War understood that for their continued release from bondage that they had to have ownership of the land that enslaved them. They couldn’t even sign their names but clearly and continually fought through Jim Crow, reconstruction, and gaining civil rights,


Thanks for this past year


E. Bishop, The Money Connection, Co-Founder

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